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Portfolio Management Algorithms for Equity and FX Markets

Market-Making and Arbitrage Algorithms for Crypto Markets

Artificial Intelligence Solutions on the Big Data for Capital Markets

About Us

Fintech start-up focusing on Asset & Wealth Management based at Bogazici University, Istanbul whose clients are Portfolio Management Companies, Brokerage Houses, Investment Banks, Family Offices, Corporate and Qualified Investors.

Our mission is to deliver superior investment performances by generating Smart Betas & Alphas and Absolute Returns.

Our team uses Quantitative Data Analysis, Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence Solutions on the Big Data for Capital Markets.

We use comprehensive risk analysis on our portfolios with the aim of minimizing drawdowns. After successfully conducting research and development of each capital markets instrument; according to our clients’ risk profiles and goals, we offer unique and optimum asset allocation solutions.

Our Products

As a Strategy


High frequency trading (HFT) allows us to capture market inefficiencies and anomalies across many local & global exchanges.


We provide risk management and profit improvement strategies for clients with foreign exchange open position.


By using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions, we offer higher speculative success rate and ultimately higher returns.


We provide liquidity and depth to both buyers and sellers in markets and make profit by submitting both bid and ask limit orders.

As a Market






Work with us here at FINRIX to drive adoption in the financial systems of the future!

We monitor markets in real time and developers work on our automated trading systems, as well as other infrastructure to support our trading and operations.

We’re looking for strong programmers who thrive in a fast-paced environment.


Developers improve our trading algorithms and dig into data to create better models.

We are looking for smart and ambitious people with a strong quantitative background who are passionate about building the financial systems of the future.

If you are interested, feel free to fill out the application below and we can discuss ways we can work together.

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